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Tomomi Sarafov

Tomomi Sarafov is a graphic designer / illustrator living and working in Melbourne, Australia who's work also happens to be her passion and hobby.

Tomomi is adventurous and curious, loves the challenge and creativity. Tomomi has a wonderfully supportive husband, two boys - both are great helpers for a working mum - and a lazy sleepy cat for cuddles.  









Wildlife Corridor

LiFE Award, Literature For Environment [



Themes: Australian wildlife, habitiat, wildlife corridor, environmental protection, conservation of urban wildlife, koalas, preservation of wildlife habitat



5 STAR REVIEW The illustrations are wonderful,breathing life into scenes, making the story come alive. An excellent storybook for interactive sessions in classrooms/school libraries, it speaks about saving the environment and wildlife and tells how. The rhyming verses give pace, movement and a lyrical feel.

ENVIRONMENTALIST REVIEW: "Animals need trees. So do people. That’s the message of this lovely book that will enthrall any child." Dr Bob Rich, environmentalist, scientist, grandfather at Bobbing Around blog.

TEACHER REVIEW: "A fun and colourful picture book that teaches children the importance of trees for our wildlife. Readers will delight at the rhyming prose and colourful illustrations." B. Thorburn, Teacher-Librarian | Experienced Senior Teacher| B. Ed - Secondary | M. Ed. - TL AWARD: LiFE AWARD, Literature for Environment< Less

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