Monica and her boyfriend, Andrea, make up Theartofpuro. They have worked several years in 2D animation and now they are freelance illustrators and comics artists. They are Members of SCBWI International.

Monica Rondino and Andrea Pucci and J.R.Poulter have been working together for the last few of years on a couple of fun picture book projects for children. The Art of Puro team both illustrates and designs the books, creating a perfectly cohesive and beautifully presented book in every case. It is a joy to collaborate with these two very, very creative people! They see the humour and drama in situations and skilfully capture it in their images!


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E.A.Poulter, co-author,


Estelle is a childcare and Kindergarten professional of over 10 years standing with highly regarded centres such as Lady Gowrie, C&K and Montessori. Estelle's tales of the trials and tribulations of providing care and education to little ones has provided endless inspiration to J.R. and Estelle is both consultant and co-author on  numbers of J.R.'s projects.



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BLURB: BEWARE! Biting Baby! Just how do you cope? Here is a story to give you some home. A humorous tale with rhyming element, including tried and true strategies, from professional childcare practice, for dealing with biting behaviour in babies and small children.
Biting babies constitute a REAL problem for families, childcare, kindergarten and even preschool!  This book, by way of a humorous story, educates the 'biter' about the  pain their behaviour causes and the 'bitten' as to strategies to cope! The book also provides a platform to discuss such behaviours with children and affected families.

A Word Wings picture book collaboration by Monica & Andrea Pucci, Italy, illustrator/graphic design team with Australian authors, J.R.Poulter & her youngest daughter, childcare /kindergarten professional, E.A. Poulter.


Toofs by J.R. Poulter is ideal. While Baby Wolf is teething, everyone in the family is a victim. Baby Wolf will bite.  This beautifully illustrated children's book by Italian illustrators/book designers Monica Rondino and Andrea Pucci, and Australian authors J.R. Poulter and E.A. Poulter, helps to set the stage around the subject of biting.
This is a great book because biting is a big issue today for children in schools and in childcare. The background that the authors have in the childcare and kindergarten industry, [means] they are extremely well aware of the harm that biting does. From childcare provider and teacher to parent, this is a great way to teach about biting and how to stop the problem. By Vernita Naylor, business educator, writer, reviewer for Readers' Favorite

TEACHER/PARENT REVIEW:”A gorgeous tale full of the trials and tribulations of one of baby's first milestones. This book is just as enjoyable for parents who can reminisce about this memorable time. Adrienne T. O'Connell, teacher, B.A., Grad. Dip. Ed., taught children from outback indigenous  to multicultural city classrooms.


THEMES: Biting, teething, siblings, family relationships, sibling relationships, behaviour modification, terrible twos, toddlers, babies, wolves, rhyme


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